Thursday, March 4, 2010

How To Dunk A Basketball and Improve Your Game

Basketball is a sport that favors people that are tall or can jump higher than the competition. If you've ever wanted to discover how to leap higher in basketball to dunk this article is for you.
The crowd goes wild - and you look on in awe. How can someone jump so high?

Ever since wilt Chamberlain slam dunked on an experimental 12 foot hoop in the 1950's, slam dunking a basketball has long been a big crowd pleader during basketball games. But the question remains - how can they jump so high? Do you want to learn how to jump higher in just weeks?
Basketball stars like Michael Jordan know that the outcome of a close game can be determined by expertly placed slam dunks. That is the reason why today's basketball stars are working to hone the ideal dunk - to win crucial games, and to delight fans. But,, how will they jump so high?

Before you can dunk you have to be able to jump high enough and this is the part of basketball coaching that you need to target. Vertical jump training emphasises building up strength in your legs together with speed.
Jumping is a fast explosive movement and power is a consequence of strength and speed.
One exercise that is great for building strength is the squat. When you squat you would like to do it faster than what you would routinely see in the gymnasium. You aren't training your muscles to go through movements slowly, rather you need to educate them to develop fast twitch muscle fibers.
The velocity coaching is done by doing exercises that are known as plyometrics. When doing plyometric exercises you need to target the speed of each jump. When doing reps you want your feet to be in contact with the ground for the shortest time possible in between each rep.

You've got to take your jump training seriously if you'd like to increase your vertical leap ability.

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